3 Best Material Live Wallpapers

After introducing Flat design and minimalist fashion Live Wallpapers hardly can be recognized: the whole sense of their usage has changed. Now they are no longer an indistinct mixture of objects, but a harmonic lambency of geometrical figures.


Complex scenes have always being the main problem of Live Wallpapers. Besides that, in most cases, the available graphics didn`t allow to design really beautiful wallpapers. Usually it was something like “a la 90s”. But Material Design has shown its magnificence once again. Applying parallax effect together with simple figures resulted in perfect load-free Animated wallpapers with a great customization potential.

Several strong players entered the apps market at the same time and presented their view on Animated Wallpapers a la Material design and minimalism in general.

1. Minima Live Wallpaper


Perhaps, the best thing that can be found in Google Play on Material Live Wallpaper demand. With a library of built-in themes we can also design our own themes or import external ones. We can fully manage all properties of the objects such as colour, size, slope, behaviour, basically, everything! If you get tired of animation you can always save and apply them as static wallpapers. You have to pay for full functionality, but, for sure, it`s worth it.

In the next versions the author promises to make object configuration simpler, add textures support and even more new themes.

2. Material Design Live Wallpaper


Has less features than the previous wallpaper, but the main principle is the same: the free version includes a couple of themes; after purchasing the full suite you will be able to edit colour and behaviour by double-clicking.

3. Chrooma Live Wallpaper


Simple and, at the same time, beautiful app with Live wallpapers. Absence of the function of editing figures is compensated by a set of perfect themes and colours and a special “breathing” effect that, in the truest sense of the word, enlivens the wallpaper! But, as we all know, everything has its price, so there is only a commercial version.

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