The Big Home Button Concept

After using the device for a long time you will find out about all its features and drawbacks (unfortunately!). In the following articles you will find simple advice on how to use your Android more conveniently.


What I really love Android for that is an opportunity to fix its drawbacks with help of its openness. Below you can find out how to improve interface interaction by using completely free software without rooting.

Is there something wrong

The lower navigation bar with three buttons has been one of the significant features of Android since its first public version. Each button had it certain function, depending on the manufacturer; only the central button returned us to the Home Screen.

The classic Android desktop has two main navigation areas:


App Drawer – a specific shortcut – is used for switching to Apps Menu. But in desktop mode you can`t do anything else with help of the Home Button. So it`s not reasonable to use the App Menu shortcut if the function of the Home Button is not available.


By default, a specific shortcut is used for switching to Apps Menu

It is better and more efficient to replace the Apps Menu with another application or just clear some space and attach a function of switching to Apps Menu to the Home Button. It`s not clear to me why the guys from Google company haven`t implemented this function: indeed, it`s rather useful. Possibly, this was done not to confuse an average user and to keep to the main concept. It`s notable that Apple devices stick to a similar concept (a single main button). But, anyway, the concepts are rather different because iOS does not have a desktop.


Home Button with switching to Apps Menu

This can`t be made conventionally. Thus, you can do it with help of Nova Launcher. Why have we chosen this app? It is free for use, has a great customization potential and ideally suits the spirit of original Android versions.

Download Nova Launcher from Google Play


  1. Open Nova Launcher Configuration Menu
  2. Open Gestures
  3. Here you can find the Home Button
  4. Choose Apps Menu from the list

Done! Now you can remove the Apps Menu shortcut. At first, it may be found a bit off-the-wall, but later you wouldn`t imagine your entire life without such simplification.

The Big Home Button Concept

Considering this idea, I decided to give the Home Button a more meaningful appearance. As a result, The Big Home Button Concept was implemented as part of Inverse Theme for Sony Xperia.


Thank you for your attention. I hope you found this article helpful. Comment on it, share your ideas and we will be glad to discuss them.

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