Free Windows Theme for Sony Xperia™

Although Windows Phone is not very popular, thanks to new free theme for Sony, we still enjoy its interesting design solutions.

Free Windows Theme for Sony

It hardly needs saying that it was the first screenshots of the bold design of Windows 8 that inspired many designers to search new ways of interface presentation. This has lead to creating a flat-design standard, which has become conventional.

But, since that time, a lot of water has passed under the bridge and the original Windows design has also changed.

Free Windows Theme for Sony Xperia™

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Type: free Xperia theme
Android: 4.3, 4.4, 5.x
Root: Not necessary
Changes: Xperia Home, navigation buttons, UI colours, wallpapers

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  • reza

    Thank you, elegant design! But it is more delicious if you mix the wp8 with Sony’s os… you know i have android phone, and you never can’t simulate the WP8 in Android, phone, but you can mix them with utilizing elements of each other, i.e. you can use the color scheme and wallpapers of wp and use something different to start menu of w… One another thing is you forgot to use the big button concept For this theme! BTW thanks again.

    • Reza! What would I do without your comments! Thanks again and again :) I will make several versions of the same theme.

      • reza

        You’re welcome buddy, I’m just interested in your works and want you(or every master like you) to be successful in your trays…
        Sincerely i must thank you for your time …

      • reza
        • Where did you find this screen? Maybe you have another Sony’s Android build number?

          • reza

            I have xperia z2, build no: 23.1.A.1.28
            In the messaging app of sony, when you want to change the skin of xperia keyboard, I’m facing with this…

          • Yeah.. Looks like Sony have bad testers :) It’s the program issue, not a theme.

          • reza

            In the black stock themes(like sony’s cover theme) , sony makes it legible…

          • The label color should be white, as in the settings. That’s the whole problem.. But there he is black. And the color panel is black. I’m sorry, I can’t do anything. This color’s feature still from KitKat. Wait for app update :) But thank you for a closer attention!

          • reza

            Thank you for replying, xperia keyboard has been updated during lollipop, but they forgot to amend it… btw thank you.

  • Kenny Doan

    I have nova launcher but how did u make it look w8

    • Hi, Kenny! I must to make a video instruction for this. And very soon I do it. Thanks for your attention :)

  • Shaan Haider

    hi i love your work its amazing keep up the great work. I have a question and a request.. will this theme works with nova launcher as well?? and can you please name the clock widget used in the first screen??

  • Xperia SP Guy166

    I tried all of your themes in my Xperia SP but it didn’t work. Only changed the wallpapers. :-( Please fix this! Android version: 4.3

  • You Aviation

    can you please make the navigation bar also for android ? only for download pls

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