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Hi guys! Sorry for my long absence. Now I come back and happy present to you Free Xperia Theme Insta.

Insta Free Xperia Theme

Insta Free Xperia Theme(Lollipop Stock)

Insta Light free Sony Xperia theme

Also I create some original soft key buttons and in next update I will add new UI elements. You can buy premium version and support my free developers.

Insta Premium

Insta Premium Sony Xperia Theme

You can download original wallpapers of Insta Sony Xperia theme here (please click)

Type: free and premium Xperia theme
Android version: 5.x Lollipop, 6.0 Marshmallow
Root: not necessary
Changes: Xperia™ Home, navigation buttons, UI colours, wallpaper

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  • deanthony dean

    Hey any way I can get that Wallpaper??

  • reza

    Hi bro, I’m already missed you … nice to see you again

  • Winter Soldier

    Nice theme. thanx bro

  • Winter Soldier

    can you make a theme like this?
    black navigation button with white background

  • Joel Vero

    how to get that clock widget?

    • Hi! It’s zooper widget with my own skin.

      • Nurpratama Budi N

        How can I get it?

        • I work on it and soon will public the widgets pack :)

      • Can you upload on a site or google play? It’s very cool your widget

  • Joel Vero

    pls update the free version nav bar. i really love it.please.

    • Andrew Borodiy

      Sorry but it’s only for paid.. Please send me to if/why you can’t by it. Thank bro!

  • Very nice new theme ! Great job :D

  • Neill Miller

    Can you make the lockscreen wallpaper available without the android?
    Great theme.

  • Andy

    Thank bro for your another one great work!

  • Greg Dieter

    Hey i love the look of this theme, and i bought the paid version but it doesn’t work :( I’m on 5.0.2 i believe. Any support/fixes?

    • Hi bro! Can you tell me what is your Xperia model? Did you use another my paid theme?

      • Greg Dieter

        I actually figured it out, just needed to try again! Thanks!

        • Sometimes just need to restart or reinstall.. Anyway thank you for support my work!

          • Greg Dieter

            I actually just downgraded my xpeira, is there anyway you could do a build for 4.4.4? Or is this only for 5.x? Thanks! Keep up the excellent work!

  • Mahima Rao

    I really like the flower one it looks amazing on my phone… thanks for all the hard work! And one more thing can you please make an Eiffel Tower theme? I’d love that… Thanks all the same Andrew!

    • Hi! Thanks for review! Great idea about Eiffel Tower! I will think about it :)

  • Devrim Berke Tat

    Hey Andrew I really like this theme and I plan to buy it,but I’m so ocd about the apps that sticking out of folders… If you can (have time) please fix that.

    • Hi bro! Thank for your advise, I will think about it :)

  • Joonwoo Park

    Hey, I bought the premium version, and it works great. But I want to point out some visual glitches.

    First, toggle indicator.
    If toggle is off, it should be greyed-out, but this theme covers that blue, too.

    Second, system ui tuner remains intact.

    This is not important, but decreases integrity.

    • Hi! Thank you for your purchase and notes, we will improve them in a next update.

  • Which widget did you used in this screenshot?

  • Joonwoo Park

    Do you have plan to adjust your theme to work on Nougat?

    • Hi buddy! I plan to buy a new phone with Nougat so I think I can do it.

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