Material Launcher Concept

Material design has never been so user-oriented. It`s great that more and more applications has explored its philosophy. But what about launchers?

The architecture of standard launchers wasn`t modified since the first public Android versions have been released. As before, it includes a home screen and apps menu. But what if the launcher also complied with the concept of Material design?

Block system

Material Launcher. Block System

No more widget-and-icon jelly. A data block will be the basic desktop unit. As a result, data presentation will be arranged better and will become more well-organized.

Vertical scrolling

Material Launcher. Vertical scrolling

It`s much more convenient to manage the list by scrolling it up and down. It also creates a feeling of increased desktop capacity due to it’s extension and absence of navigation between desktops.

Dynamic header


Without doubt, a notification bar is rather convenient for displaying the most significant information. But what if we amplify this concept with a title bar? If so, we would be able to display even more information that might be useful, such as weather or music.

Interactive elements


The interface is event-oriented. Due to this, the users can receive notifications and respond to them much faster. But the main thing is that you have this all in one place at your smartphone. For sure, it`s really handy!

More actions


On request, you get accessed to extended features. There`s no need to look for the app icon and open it. The most important features are all here – on the desktop.

Unique features


Enjoy the new features of managing data blocks. E.g., scroll right/left to display more necessary contacts; to display common apps, pinch in the block.

A little animation..

Indeed, Material Launcher is still space opera. But if you believe that it has a right to exist, please support it’s developed by purchasing the paid version of my theme.

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  • reza

    Nice and attractive idea!

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