Minimal Theme for Sony Xperia™ Android 5.x Lollipop

More than 100.000 downloads of Lollipop Minimal Theme for 4.4 KitKat made the release of its version for Lollipop only a matter of time. Now we have an opportunity to enjoy the triumph of minimalism on upgraded devices.


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The favourite minimalist theme is now also available for Android 5 Lollipop. Wallpaper colours have been edited according to users` feedback. But the main benefits – nice tones and shapes – remained untouched.

Minimal Theme for Sony Xperia™ 5.x

Best of all, this theme can be combined with Nova Launcher and Adastra Icon Pack. This will make the interface look more minimalist.

Minimal Theme for Sony Xperia™ 5.x

You can also download a version with the Big Home Button. Refer to post Dark Side of Android #1. The Big Home Button to get more information about this concept. Also I recommend you to apply this theme with minimalist Live Wallpapers, described here: 3 Best Material Live Wallpapers.

Minimal Theme for Sony Xperia™ 5.x

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Very soon I will upload video-tutorial how to get a look like on screenshot with Nova Launcher.

Download Nova Launcher
Download Adastra Icon Pack

Minimal Theme for Sony Xperia™ 5.x

Updates history
Version 1.1 (22.05.2015)
# Unique minimal UI elements added.
# Other small visual changes.
Click to see Minimal Theme 1.1 update screenshots

Thanks for your support, guys! Owing to your purchases, I can afford some time for my hobby, which always results in some free goodies and interesting articles.

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  • Hi! Please, send email on and we will resolve this problem :)

    • reza

      Hi again dear bro, but it’s not your fault … that’s Google’s restrictions… Iranians can’t buy anything from play store … btw thanks

      • Oh, man! It’s my fault to, because I can’t do some my theme absolutely free (but I wont it).. Please, send me email and I give you version for testing)

        • reza

          Wow, nic to hear that, here is my email
          Thanks again.

          • All for you guys :)

          • reza

            Well well well, i installed it, just one word: great! And just one bug(if you named it bug!) the name of apps, in the folders on xperia home, isn’t visible… but you create a perfect theme, with great minimalistic idea, that i really love it! status and navigation bar fully visible and have delicious color scheme. THANK YOU AND WISH YOU SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE.

  • WhyWai

    Hi Andrew, I purchase this theme on lollipop Z2. But the Sun style clock widget is nowhere to be found.. Is it not available for lollipop version?

    I’ve refund at the moment because this theme seem lacking without the sun. Lemme know how i can add the clock widget because I really love your theme!

    • Hi! Thank for your attention, it’s very important for me :) Do you hear something about Zooper Widget? You need to buy this one and then you can use many beautiful widget, including my The Sun Clock.

      Waiting for your reply.

      • Zeljko Kovacevic

        i have your theme and it’s so awesome.I just install zooper pro but i can’t find sun clock

        • Hi! Coming soon I public separate app with all widget for convenience.

  • Andi Pamungkas

    Dear mr andrew i download the “pro” version but nothing change.. Can u help?? Because i really like this theme and i purchase

    • Hi! Please send me your Android version and phone model. Thank for purchase!

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